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Do you want to explore some of the most amazing mountain scenery in North America, try some exciting new activities and meet some great people this summer? Try one of our Teen summer programs!

Check out our 2005 youth programs, and come experience a summer like never before! Raft in the incredible whitewater of the Kicking Horse, hike to the highest peak in the Steeples Range, meet some new friends and create bonds that will last a lifetime!

Join us for our adult or family oriented classic adventures. You will experience incredible scenery, wild activities, and the best food and accommodations in our area. And you can watch grimm online as well. Experience the Canadian Rockies now!

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I saw Episode II last night. It honestly wasn’t nearly as crowded as I had expected. We arrived about an hour early. I was looking for car beds for boys. Should have gotten there sooner, but my friend is a lagger. We were in the latter half of the line, but there was a good 40 people behind us. We didn’t have the best seats, but we didn’t have terrible seats, either. I really liked it. Not disappointed at all. Of course there were a few things I would have liked to see done differently, but it was great and I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you like Star Wars at all, you should enjoy it. I think the main reason it is getting some bad reviews, is because some people are just never satisfied. I’m really tempted to go down to the Edward’s at the Irvine Spectrum to see it with a digital projector. I’m very curious as to how big the difference will be.


In other news, my father bought me a digital camera. It was very unexpected. Wondering what must have put him in a such a good mood. So happy about that. Can’t wait to play around with it.

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Just as an entrepreneur looks to the future to determine today’s marketing strategy, so must the person in search of a job in today’s continuously changing job market. I call this person a Jobpreneur.

Many job seekers ask me whether online job searching is really the wave of the future, or just a fad introduced by “experts” vying for recognition among their peers. According to Faith Popcorn, futurist and author of Clicking: 16 Trends to Future Fit Your Life, Your Work, and Your Business (HarperCollins), a fad is a “flash in the pan” that is short lived, and involves very few people. The fashion industry is a good example of fads. A trend, on the other hand, is big and broad; involving lots of people, and can last 10 years or longer.

Already, over 80 percent of the Fortune 500 companies now have a Web presence (Washington Technology, 1/9/97). The reality of going online to corporate home pages to find jobs is overwhelming. You need a professional Resume Writing Services to help you.

What’s more, companies will rely on their own Web site to post jobs to attract job applicants. They cannot rely on the hundreds of job services that are online now to be there six months from now. Austin Knight, a recruitment and employee communications firm located throughout North America, Europe, and Australia, released their first Internet Recruitment Survey which polled over 200 companies currently recruiting online. Of those 200, 93% of them use, and will continue to use the Internet as a recruitment tool.

Online job searching is definitely not a flash in the pan. In fact, I believe that the Internet, especially the World Wide Web, will become an essential resource as job searching becomes an ongoing activity. In their revealing book, Workplace 2000: The Revolution Reshaping American Business (Plume), Joseph H. Boyett and Henry P. Conn state that the average American will most likely work in ten or more jobs with at least five different companies before they retire.

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MoneyMaximizer, the world’s most innovative personal finance software, was developed over a five-year period by J.C. Coppola III, a hedge fund manager from the U.S.A. (rated #1 by Barron’s in 1994 and 1995). In working with his own portfolio, Mr. Coppola realized that spreadsheets were too cumbersome and inefficient and that the portfolio management software available to the general market was either too expensive, complicated, or did not help investors manage risk. He set out to create a program that overcame all of these problems. He founded Trading Research Design, Inc., (“TRD”) to develop and distribute MoneyMaximizer.

Now you can quickly and accurately implement and monitor your investment decisions.
MoneyMaximizer Portfolio Management Software and Investment Operating System automates the time consuming and labor intensive process of trading and tracking your investment portfolio.
Improve your productivity and gain control over your investments — all with a few keystrokes and the easy to use MoneyMaximizerTM and Windows. Size-It™, Trade-It™, Track-It™, and Protect-It™ withMoneyMaximizer.
Size-It Feature BENEFITS
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Size-It makes it easy to determine how many stock shares, mutual fund shares, futures contracts and option contracts you need to buy or sell. Simply input the price, your planned stop, and skid (also known as slippage). Let MoneyMaximizer take care of the rest with its patented Size-It technology. Now, you can find out exactly how much to buy or sell, based on your personal risk tolerance.

Size-It also allows you to print or fax this report for your personal use or as instructions for your broker. Money Maximizer was developed so that you can use the purchase means you prefer, which could include the Internet, a phone call to your broker, a walk in visit to your brokerage house, bank or trading firm. MoneyMaximizer means flexibility!

Trade-It Feature

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After your orders are executed and reported to you, just Trade-It. With a few keystrokes, your portfolio is automatically updated with the speed and accuracy of a 32-bit operating system. Trade-It provides a summary of how your portfolio has changed due to your order and automatically factors and displays your new planned risk exposure both for the trade and it’s effect on the entire portfolio. Trade-It saves you time andautomates the time consuming task of updating your portfolio.

Track-It Feature

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Track-It acts as the hub of your investment operation by tracking your investments and their related risks from the moment you buy and sell them until the day they leave your portfolio. This gives you more control and allows you to spend your valuable time analyzing your investments.

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Track-It displays all the relevant portfolio statistics for your specific investments and automatically updates. Track-It reduces your workload,eliminates redundant tasks andstreamlines your operations with state-of-the-art technology and user friendly formatting. If you are using the Real-Time Pro Version of the program and receiving data from the internet or a data service provider, your prices willautomatically be updated. Track-It will also alert you when a critical trigger price has been reached.

Protect-It Feature

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Protect-It is the easy way to manage your portfolio’s planned risk. If you prefer to place a stop order with your broker or hold a mental stop at your own desk, MoneyMaximizer organizes your work in a simple, flexible and easy environment. 

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Protect-It helps you protect your capital from market risks by helping you eliminate losers and accurately gauge your portfolio’s risk. Protect-It also offers printable worksheets allowing you to quickly and easily organize all your stops.

Performance Reports

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MoneyMaximizerincludes a Performance Report Function to help you track your performance on a statistical basis, or even graph your data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, allowing you to numerically and graphically know exactly where you stand.

Other Features and Benefits

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With multi-tasking and a streamlined approach, MoneyMaximizer allows you to track your positions inmultiple currencies, centralize your trades, and organize your data in an efficient format.

MoneyMaximizer also provides help functions in eight different languages, including Chinese, Deutsch, English, Español, français, Italiano, Japanese and Nederlands.

The Real-Time Pro Version offers investors the most benefits and features. In addition to those outlined above, the Real-Time Pro Version allows investors to have:

Additional Flexibility: It allows you to track multiple portfolios. You can also purchase 20-minute time delayed data, via the Internet for US$1.00/month (invoiced annually). The Real Time Pro version is currently compatible with Bridge Information Systems, PC Quote, and Track Data. Call us for pricing and availability. Soon to be added are Omega Research, Equis, TC2000, AIQ, Technical Tools, Signal, BMI, S&P Comstock, CSI and most other DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) based data providers.

Track-It’s Burst Update feature gives you access to data (20-minute delay), including unlimited requests for symbols, for over 40 global market exchanges in major financial centers such as New York, Chicago, London, Frankfurt, Malaysia, Singapore, Geneva, and Zurich No other software offers this service for such a low price. A special U.S./Euro Option Calculator is also included.

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